Saving Scotland’s Rainforest: Our trip into the wilds with the John Muir Trust

Saving Scotland’s Rainforest: Our trip into the wilds with the John Muir Trust

Earlier this year we unveiled Peak & Wild, an ethically sourced, sustainable coffee that is dedicated to restoring Scotland’s Rainforest through a unique partnership with the John Muir Trust. So, there could be no better way to discover the effects this partnership is having on the ground than by paying a visit to one of Scotland’s most precious habitats ourselves.

The location was the Ben Nevis estate. This 1,761-hectare site (equivalent to 2,766 football pitches!), comprises Britain’s highest peak, the dramatic Steall Gorge and Steall Ban waterfall, and as you might have guessed, a portion of Scotland’s Rainforest. The John Muir Trust looks after this site, with its rangers and staff caring for the natural environment and working to encourage natural expansion of native woodland. 

Thankfully for us, the JMT is always on the lookout for willing volunteers to help with their conservation projects. 

So, in late April, a lively band of Matthew Algie staff made the journey to the Rainforest to help clear cross drains around the site, ensuring that paths through the rainforest of the Steall Gorge remain accessible for the JMT and the almost 60,000 visitors that experience it every year. 

Guiding this group through the process would be Nathan, Ali and Rich of the JMT, imparting a wealth of knowledge regarding this internationally significant habitat along the way. 

Martin Smith, Coffee Sales Manager at Matthew Algie, said, “If I’m being honest, before the trip, I didn’t really possess a great deal of knowledge about either the Rainforest or the work of the John Muir Trust. I have a newfound appreciation for the importance of this eco-system and the hard work that goes into conserving it. 

“The story of Peak & Wild has generated a lot of interest from several of my customers and cafés across my region. Now, when customers ask me about it, I’m able to talk to them with confidence and enthusiasm about what I experienced. I’m excited to tell its story and the story of the Rainforest. It was a brilliant couple of days.” 

With the sun splitting the sky and temperatures in the mid 20s, it is safe to say that the Rainforest did not live up to its billing on this first visit.

The same, however, could not be said for those who visited only a few weeks later in early May. Trust us, the photos do not do the fairly frequent deluges justice. Despite the less than agreeable, if albeit fitting wet weather, the stunning beauty of Scotland’s Rainforest continued to shine through.  

The purpose of this visit was to film our Peak & Wild brand video (which you can watch here), and for more members of our team to better understand the importance of this landscape and the ongoing work of the JMT. 

David Cunninghame, Content & Social Media Manager at Matthew Algie, commented, “I challenge anyone to visit this stunning location and not be utterly blown away by its beauty. Walking through the Rainforest of Glen Nevis you get a sense that this environment hasn’t changed for centuries. 

“This habitat is unique to Scotland, and it cannot simply be recreated overnight. That is why Matthew Algie created Peak & Wild. To highlight just how valuable an eco-system it is, and to play our part in helping to conserve and restore it.” 

You can find out more about Peak & Wild here.