Introducing the S200: The newest addition to our range of Synesso coffee machines

As the official UK, Ireland and European distributor of Synesso artisan espresso machines, Matthew Algie are proud to announce the introduction of the S200 to our traditional machine range.

Based in Seattle, Synesso is a U.S manufacturer of high-spec espresso machines renowned for their unparalleled thermal stability, user friendliness and reliability.

James Hennebry, co-owner of the Rosslyn café in London comments: ‘It’s all about consistency, that’s why we have the Synesso on our bench. Other machines on the market can be consistent and accurate too, but at high volume they start to struggle. We do up to 650 coffees per day and the Synesso hasn’t missed a beat. One of the great features of the machine is the pressure profiling – allowing for a more even extraction. This greater attention to how we extract our coffee allows us to compete with one of the largest coffee chains in the UK next door and why more customers are choosing to come to us.’

The S200 – available to rent or buy – is an approachable, volumetric coffee machine featuring the same quality Synesso standard components found in the traditional MVP & MVP Hydra machines. It features no-wear group heads, individual brew boilers, digital shot timers as well as programmable temperature per group head – offering unparalleled thermal stability.

Natasha Horn, national training manager at Matthew Algie comments: ‘It is clear that the S200 has been designed with the needs of the barista in mind. The machine’s dual articulating steam wands make it versatile for right- or left-handed users. Not only that, but from a customer service perspective, the machine’s understated and yet sleek, compact design lends well to a harmonious workflow and open engagement between the barista and customer.’

Espresso extraction on the S200 is controlled by volumetric programming, with two user-defined programs per group.  The wired hand-held display allows total control of water count and optional pre-infusion duration, which can be saved independently or copied across both group heads. This is ideal for cafes offering a wide variety of coffees, each requiring their own individual brew spec.

Ewan Reid, Managing Director at Matthew Algie, comments: ‘The S200 is a fantastic addition to our range from Synesso, and we feel it’s destined to become a classic from a design and functional perspective. We very much value our partnership with Mark and the team in Seattle and the S200 demonstrates their continued focus on evolution and innovation.’

The S200 comes with an all-black standard exterior as standard. However, for artisan venues looking for a more bespoke centre-piece, there are additional all-white or wood options also available when purchasing.

Synesso owner & designer Mark Barnett’s unwavering drive to innovate is evident in the many advances that Synesso continues to make. Mark comments: ‘The team at Matthew Algie share our passion for great tasting coffee and are committed to providing customers with the best possible service. Their longstanding industry expertise and ability to maintain the highest levels of operational excellence make them the ideal distribution partner.’

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