Stamping your Café or Coffee Shop Brand on Social Media

So, you’ve set up your business account on a few social media platforms and you know the basics on how you want to interact with your audience. Now it’s time to make sure your brand is consistent throughout.

Your branding should align with your offline strategy too. An online audience should be able to quickly find & recognise your brand through both the textual and visual elements of your social profiles.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when developing your brand on social media.


Are your social handles and page names easily recognisable?

Making sure all the names match closely is step one. You don’t want your audience not to follow you because it’s not clear who you are. Equally, you’ll want them to follow you on more than one platform, so make sure the handles are a close match it’s you’re easily found.


Is your visual content aligned and easily associated with your brand?

Try to choose a theme and stick to it with your photography. For example, if there is a lot of pink in your brand logo, try to keep the pink theme running as a subtle stream throughout. The ultimate goal is for your followers to instantly know a post comes from you without even having to read it.


Are you using the same tone of voice across all platforms?

Your writing style is also key. A funky little artisan coffee shop and a high-end coffee shop are going to need very different writing styles to reflect the style of business. Choose the style that fits and make sure you stick to it on all platforms.


Are you using a unique, branded hashtag across all your social media content?  

Create your own hashtag and use it across your social platforms. Tag your posts with your hashtag and encourage your customers to use it too. If you make spectacular looking coffees, customers are going to want to share them on their social media and use your hashtag.

Hashtags group content together. So, anyone searching your hashtag will see all your posts, as well as your customers’ posts. This equals great exposure!



FYI ours is #matthewalgie – Feel free to tag us in your content!

Considering these points will ensure a well-branded social media presence for your business and help you reach and retain an engaged following.

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